Mindekoncert for David Ashton
Æresmedlem af Blåbærrene 2008
Hotel Scaumburg
den 18 september 2010

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David Ashton loved the Blueberries and the Blueberries loved David Ashton. This relationship reached an all time high when he was made an honorary member of the blueberries in Dumfries, Scotland. Whenever you heard the enthusiastic shout at a Blueberry concert “Greatest Jazz band in the world” you knew that David was in the building. David was a great ambassador for Scotland as well as West-Jutland. He had a huge historic knowledge about both of these places which spanned both the kelts, the Vikings as well as recent history. He made history come alive in an imaginative way which made everyone feel a kinship with the people of northern England and Scotland as we felt it on the fantastic tour he arranged for us, our families and our fans in the autumn of 2008. An all time high in the “blueberries and Davids common history” as he expressed it a week before his demise. He never neglected quoting his great role model Robert Burns. David himself was a great poet, he wrote articles and drew sketches wherever he was. The Shipwreck of Sct. George and defense and the downed spitfires of worldwar two in west-jutland was a great interest to David. On television David made memorable appearances about his childhood with John Lennon and his aunts. Today everybody In West-Jutland knows David and his enthusiasm for our common history. Before David closed his eyes he opened ours in an emotional way towards our relatives in England and Scotland.

First and foremost David was a great friend who always was ready to lend a helping hand to his fellow man and in many ways he was a voice of reason in an otherwise unreasonable world. (Kasper Egerup)