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When  listening to the melody Blueberry Hill,  your thoughts are led towards the fantastical alluring and stunningly beautiful West Jutland inland Sand Dunes covered with Heather and Blue Berries. It was because of  the closeness of this countryside that the newly formed band in 1972 should think of calling themselves Blueberries, and natural for them to make Blueberry Hill to their signature tune. The Orchestra’s objective was to play traditional jazz as close to the popular vernacular music, which was played in New Orleans in the good old days, which would get the older as much as the younger generation to swing along to it. It has been a great success resulting in the creation of the so called “ Blueberry Sound “ . A sound which really cannot not be explained but should be experienced.

The orchestra is famous for its minimum of arrangement and for its free improvisation without its loss of melody.

The Orchestra is formed by individualists of a mature age, who have a very respectful inviting relationship, which expresses its self in their great interaction and team work.

Typical for a Blueberries Concert is the audience feedback, which is a trade mark of top bands.

The Blueberries have through the years performed  on many concert stages, both at home and abroad (United Kingdom, France, Ukraine). They play at festival, midday jazz concerts, wedding’s, family parties, congresses,  jubilees, college  and university celebrations and parties. It is a formidable orchestra to dance at. Just  listening to their CD, creates the desire and inclination to move your body in tune too the music.

All the orchestra members are amateur musicians, who are very professional in their musical exercises. They love traditional jazz and several have received highly coveted music prizes.  The trompet player has received The Danish Ringkjøbing County’s Music Prize, and the clarinettist  has received the prize for the years best musician at the Danish Cultural Capital City ‘ Holstebro  International Jazz Festival‘.

The bandleader is trombone player and  Doctor Jesper Egerup, and the trumpet is played by singer and newspaper editor in chief, Flemming Nordenhof. The clarinet is played by dentist Jens Ole Steen, The double bass by school headmaster emeritus Bent  Johansen. and the banjo by specialist aeroplane painter Paul Nielsen. The drummer Ove Munch Thomsen  is an projectcoordinator, and lektor Karen Sørensen plays the piano .

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David Ashton